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An employee who receives group life insurance from their employer can keep that plan as long as they are actively working. However, if an employee quits, retires, or works part-time, they may lose their group coverage. In such situations, the employer or the insurer must inform the employee that they have the option to convert their coverage to an individual plan that offers the same benefits by a certain deadline. This is called portability. If the employer or the insurer fails to notify the employee who left the job about their portability rights, the employee may lose their coverage and the insurer may use this as an excuse to reject their life insurance claim.

You may have a valid claim for group life insurance benefits if you think that your claim was wrongly rejected because of failure to convert coverage. A life insurance portability lawyer can help you understand your rights and get your life insurance payout. Our law firm has the expertise to handle these cases and knows what obligations employers have.

We Resolve Life Insurance Portability Cases

If your life insurance claim has been denied, you need a lawyer who knows how to challenge the insurance company and protect your rights. Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling denied life insurance claims and can help you get the benefits you deserve. We know the tactics that insurers use to avoid paying claims and we can counter them with effective strategies. We have successfully represented clients in cases involving:

  • Some of the common reasons why life insurance claims are denied are:

    • The insurance company claims that the former employee lied or omitted information on the Portability Application;
    • The employer fails to inform the former employee of their right to convert or continue their life insurance coverage after termination;
    • The insurance company rejects the claim because the former employee was terminated while on disability or FMLA leave;
    • The insurance company refuses to accept the claim from the beneficiary or does not send a conversion notice;

Our life insurance portability lawyers have handled thousands of cases and won.

Some cases include these issues:

  • The claim was denied because the employer misrepresented some material facts on the Portability Application.
  • The claim was rejected due to the lack of a conversion application from the claimant.
  • The claim was not approved because the claimant failed to request Evidence of Insurability as required.

LIfe insurance lawyers will get you your death benefits

The life insurance portability lawyers at our firm will fight and win.

The life insurance lawyers at our firm know how to win these cases.

  • I can help you file a life insurance claim and guide you through the process.
  • I can also explain how portability works for your life insurance policy and what options you have if you change or lose your job.
  • If your claim is denied, I can assist you in appealing the decision by filing a comprehensive legal brief that challenges the insurance company’s grounds for denial.
  • I can hold the insurance company accountable for any ambiguous or misleading language in the policy that may have affected your claim.
  • I can also anticipate and counteract any unfair tactics that the insurance company may use to avoid paying your claim.
  • Additionally, I can hold your employer liable if they failed to provide you with a conversion notice that informs you of your right to convert your group policy to an individual one.
  • I can also hold the plan administrator responsible if they denied your claim due to your failure to submit a conversion application, which they should have provided you with.

Don’t go to another firm that doesn’t know how to resolve these cases.

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Top questions regarding portability

Life Insurance Portability

Portable Life Insurance

Life insurance portability is a feature that enables qualified employees to keep their group life insurance coverage when they change or lose their jobs. Employees who choose to port their policy become responsible for paying the premiums themselves. A ported policy is typically a term life insurance policy that lasts for a certain duration as long as the premiums are paid. The policy has no cash value and only pays the death benefit if the insured passes away within the coverage period.

Portability of Life Insurance

Life insurance portability allows employees to maintain their group life insurance coverage when they switch or quit their jobs. Employees who port their plan take over the payment of monthly premiums to the insurer from their employer. The policy is a term life insurance policy that stays active as long as the premiums are paid until the age limit in the contract.

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Time Employee Has to Apply for Portability

Life insurance portability is a feature that lets employees keep their group life insurance coverage when they leave their jobs or retire. Employees who want to port their policy have to apply for it within the deadline specified in the policy. The employer is responsible for informing them of the coverage end date. If they want to continue with the same coverage, they usually have a portability period of 30 to 60 days to apply and pay the first premium after leaving their jobs. The coverage termination date may not be the same as the employment termination date.

You need to call to collect

Is Insured’s Policy Was Portable?

Does plan include portability?

Did the employer go with this option?

Amount of Life Insurance that is portable

You can’t port more than you had. Typically you need 10k minimum to port.

Portability versus. Conversion

Portability and conversion are two options for keeping life insurance coverage after leaving an employer. The main difference is that portability changes the group plan into an individual plan that lasts for a limited time and gets more expensive each year. Conversion changes the plan into a permanent plan that has a fixed cost and lasts for the insured’s lifetime.

Misrepresentation on Portability Application Issue

Material misrepresentation on the portability application is a big issue.

Portability is an option for keeping life insurance coverage after leaving an employer. It means changing the group plan into an individual plan that lasts for a limited time and gets more expensive each year. However, portability may not be available if the employee made a material misrepresentation on the portability application. A material misrepresentation is a lie or omission that concerns an important or substantive matter. For example, if the employee did not disclose a pre-existing medical condition or a risky lifestyle habit on the application, the insurer may consider that a material misrepresentation. If the insurer discovers the material misrepresentation, it has the right to deny the life insurance claim and rescind the policy. This means that the policy is canceled and the insurer does not have to pay the death benefits to the beneficiary. The insurer may also refund the premiums paid by the employee, but this does not compensate for the loss of coverage. A material misrepresentation can also be grounds for criminal insurance fraud, depending on the circumstances.


If you are a beneficiary of a life insurance policy that was denied due to material misrepresentation on the portability application, you may have legal options to challenge the denial. Not all misrepresentations are sufficient to support a denial of coverage, and there may be circumstances where the insurer acted in bad faith or violated the law. Our lawyers fight and win.

Life Insurance Claim Was Denied Portability Issue

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