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Life Insurance Beneficiary Disputes

The beneficiary dispute lawyers at our firm have handled thousands of life insurance beneficiary disputes throughout the nation.  Most firms refer these cases to us.

A life insurance beneficiary dispute is a legal conflict that arises when someone challenges the validity or eligibility of the person or entity named as the recipient of the death benefit in a life insurance policy. There are many possible reasons for a beneficiary dispute, but some of the most common ones are:


Major life changes: If the policyholder did not update their beneficiaries after events such as marriage, divorce, remarriage, birth, adoption, or death of a family member, it may create confusion or resentment among the potential heirs. For example, if the policyholder remarried but did not change their beneficiary from their ex-spouse, their current spouse may contest the claim.

Last-minute changes: If the policyholder made a sudden or unexpected change to their beneficiaries shortly before their death, it may raise suspicion or doubt about their mental capacity or intention. For example, if the policyholder was terminally ill and changed their beneficiary to a new friend or caregiver, their family members may allege that they were coerced or manipulated.

Forged or fraudulent changes: If the policyholder’s signature or consent was forged or obtained by fraud, the beneficiary change may be invalid. For example, if someone impersonated the policyholder or used their identity to change the beneficiary without their knowledge or approval, the original beneficiary may challenge the claim.

Ambiguous or incomplete forms: If the policyholder did not fill out the beneficiary designation form clearly or completely, it may cause confusion or ambiguity about their wishes. For example, if the policyholder did not specify the full name, address, or relationship of their beneficiary, or if they used vague terms such as “my children” without naming them individually, it may create disputes among the potential claimants.

If there is a conflict over who should receive the death benefit, the insurance company may ask the court to decide. Our interpleader lawsuits will fight for you and win. The money is held by the court in a special account until the case is settled. The beneficiaries who are claiming the money may argue their case before a judge. Sometimes, the case may be resolved through a negotiation or a decision by a third party.

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Beneficiary Disputes Life Insurance Claims

Our life insurance beneficiary dispute lawyers, having handled thousands of disputes, handle cases such as these:

  • When the policyholder did not name anyone as the beneficiary;
  • When the policyholder changed the beneficiary shortly before their death;
  • When the beneficiary was involved in the death of the policyholder;
  • When the beneficiary change was not done properly;
  • When the beneficiaries disagree on how to divide the money;
  • When the beneficiaries have different shares of the money;
  • When the spouse and the ex-spouse both claim the money;
  • When the will and the policy have different beneficiaries;
  • When the children have a court order to get the money;
  • When the estates of both the policyholder and the beneficiary are in conflict after a murder-suicide;
  • When the caretaker and a family member of the policyholder both want the money.

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