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Policy Lapse Denied Life Insurance Claims

Many beneficiaries of life insurance policies face the problem of policy lapse, which is often used by insurance companies as a reason to deny a claim. However, not all policy lapses are valid or justified. Some insurance companies wrongfully lapse policies to avoid paying benefits. Our lawyers specialize in life insurance lapse cases and help beneficiaries get their rightful compensation.

Policyowners and their beneficiaries have certain rights and protections under the life insurance laws for lapsed policies. The insurer has to follow the law when determining if a policy was valid or not at the time of death. If the insurer violated the law, the beneficiaries may still receive the payout even if the policy seemed to have lapsed. To increase your chances of getting your benefits, you should consult with a life insurance lapse lawyer who has experience in this field.

No law firm is better than ours at resolving denied life insurance claims due to lapse.

Lapsed Life Insurance Claims

Our life insurance lapse lawyers have been successful at:

Some of the common reasons why an insurer may have wrongfully lapsed a policy are:

  • The insurer did not provide a notice of premium due within the time frame required by the law;
  • The insurer did not inform the policyowner of their rights to convert or port their policy when they retired or left their job;
  • The insurer did not send a lapse notice that meets the state law requirements;
  • The insurer did not ask the policyowner to name a third party who can receive notices of premium due and lapse;
  • The insurer did not use the correct address to send notices of premium due and lapse;
  • The insurer did not honor the grace period that is mandated by the law;
  • The insurer terminated the policy before the end of the grace period.

Some more resolved lapsed life insurance claim cases include:

  • Our client received $5 million lapse claim after we reversed the denial of their claim due to a policy lapse during the contestability period.
  • We resolved a $3 million lapse claim for our client whose life insurance claim was unfairly denied because the insurer did not disclose onfo about premiums.
  • The insurer denied our client’s claim based on policy premium lapse without sending any notice to the insured. We fought this decision and won.
  • The insurer denied our client’s life insurance claim due to not sending a proper lapse notice as required by the state law. We fought for our client’s rights and got their claim approved.

You need a top life insurance lapse law firm to fight for you.

Life Insurance Lapse Lawyers Can Help

Do not accept the denial of your claim as the final word if you are a life insurance beneficiary and the policy lapsed due to non-payment of premium. The policyowner may not be responsible for missing the payment if the insurance company did not follow the lapse laws. You may still have a chance to get the death benefit. Our life insurance lawyers will look into the details of the denied claim and advise you on your legal options.

Our lapsed life insurance lawyers will help you with:

  • We will help you file a life insurance claim and explain what the denial letter means.
  • We will review your case and advise you on your legal options as a life insurance beneficiary.
  • We will protect your rights under the policy terms and the applicable law.
  • We will file a comprehensive legal brief to appeal the denial of your claim.
  • We will anticipate and counteract the unfair tactics of insurance companies in denying claims.

We have fought against the giants such as: MassMutual; Protective; AIG; Globe; Corebridge; and won.

Life Insurance Lapse Lawyer Contingency Fee

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Don’t settle for the insurance company denying your claim due to lapse.  Our lapse lawyers will fight and win.

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