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John Hancock Life Insurance Claims Denied

Denied John Hancock Life Insurance Claim

Undisclosed hospital or doctor visits can potentially lead to a denied life insurance claim if the insurance company determines that the omission of this information on the insurance application was a material misrepresentation or a breach of the policy’s terms and conditions. Our life insurance lawyers fight all denied life insurance claims. Here are some ways undisclosed hospital or doctor visits can result in a denied life insurance claim:

  1. Misrepresentation on the Application:
    • If the insured person intentionally withholds information about their medical history, including hospital or doctor visits, when completing the insurance application, it can be considered a material misrepresentation. Insurance applications typically require a thorough and accurate disclosure of medical history, and failure to do so may result in the claim being denied.
  2. Policy Exclusions:
    • Some life insurance policies have specific exclusions related to undisclosed medical conditions or treatment. If the policy contains such exclusions, and the undisclosed hospital or doctor visits are related to a medical condition that contributed to the insured person’s death, the claim may be denied.
  3. Investigation During the Contestability Period:
    • . If undisclosed hospital or doctor visits are discovered, and the insurance company believes the omission was intentional, they may deny the claim.
  4. Failure to Update the Policy:
    • If the insured person’s medical condition changed after the policy was issued (e.g., they were diagnosed with a serious illness or had a hospitalization), but they did not update the insurance company, the claim could be denied. Policies often require policyholders to inform the insurance company of any material changes to their health.
  5. Cause of Death:
    • If the undisclosed hospital or doctor visits are directly related to the cause of death, and the insurance company finds that this information would have impacted the underwriting process or eligibility for the policy, they may use this as a basis for claim denial.

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