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AIG Life Insurance Claims Denied

Denied AIG Life Insurance Claims.

Occupational misrepresentation in the context of life insurance occurs when the policyholder or the insured individual provides false or inaccurate information about their occupation during the insurance application process. Our life insurance lawyers handle all denied life insurance claims.This type of misrepresentation can impact the terms of the policy, including premium rates, and can potentially lead to a denial of a life insurance claim. Here are some different types of occupational misrepresentation:

  1. High-Risk Occupation Misrepresentation: This occurs when an individual fails to disclose that they are engaged in a high-risk occupation, such as being a firefighter, police officer, construction worker, or a job that involves exposure to dangerous conditions. Some insurance companies charge higher premiums for individuals in high-risk occupations, and misrepresenting this information can lead to a denial of a claim.
  2. Hazardous Activities Misrepresentation: If the insured person is involved in activities or hobbies that are considered hazardous, such as skydiving, scuba diving, or extreme sports, they are often required to disclose these activities during the application process. Misrepresentation of these activities could be a basis for claim denial.
  3. Change in Occupation Misrepresentation: If the insured individual changed their occupation after obtaining the policy and the new occupation is considered riskier or affects their insurability, they may be required to update their insurance company. Failing to do so and misrepresenting this change could lead to issues with a claim.
  4. Self-Employment Misrepresentation: Some individuals may be self-employed, and the nature of their work can vary widely. Misrepresenting the nature of self-employment, income, or responsibilities can impact the terms of the policy.
  5. Military Service Misrepresentation: If the insured person is a member of the military, it’s crucial to accurately disclose their service and the nature of their duties. Misrepresentation regarding military service can have consequences for the policy’s terms and any future claims.
  6. Medical Professional Misrepresentation: Individuals working in the medical field, such as doctors, nurses, or healthcare professionals, may need to disclose their specific roles and any associated risks. Misrepresentation of this information can impact their policy.
  7. Aviation-Related Occupations Misrepresentation: For those working in aviation-related fields, such as pilots or air traffic controllers, their occupation may be considered high-risk. Misrepresenting such an occupation can result in claim issues.

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