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Our life insurance lawyers in Louisian handle delayed and denied life insurance claims, AD&D claims, beneficiary disputes and Louisiana interpleader lawsuits.

Life insurance beneficiary disputes can arise in various scenarios, often related to conflicts among potential beneficiaries or questions about the validity of the beneficiary designation. Here are several common scenarios in which beneficiary disputes can occur:

  1. Ambiguous Beneficiary Designation:

    • When the beneficiary designation on the policy is unclear or lacks specificity, disputes may arise among potential beneficiaries, each claiming a right to the proceeds.
  2. Multiple Beneficiary Claims:

    • If there are multiple designated beneficiaries, and the policy does not specify the percentage or share each is entitled to, disputes can arise over how the proceeds should be divided.
  3. Change in Marital Status:

    • When the insured fails to update beneficiary designations following a marriage, divorce, or remarriage, disputes may occur between current and former spouses or dependents.
  4. Misrepresentation or Fraud:

    • Beneficiary disputes can arise if it is alleged that the insured was unduly influenced or coerced into changing beneficiary designations, or if there are allegations of fraud related to the designation changes.
  5. Contestable Period Challenges:

    • During the contestability period (usually the first two years of the policy), disputes may arise if the insurer investigates and contests claims based on misrepresentations or omissions on the insurance application.
  6. Beneficiary Predeceases the Insured:

    • When a named beneficiary predeceases the insured, disputes may occur over the contingent beneficiary’s right to the proceeds if the policy does not specify a replacement beneficiary.
  7. Disputed Family Relationships:

    • If there are disputes over familial relationships, such as parentage or legitimacy, it can lead to disagreements among potential beneficiaries about their rights to the death benefit.
  8. Minors as Beneficiaries:

    • If minors are named as beneficiaries, disputes may arise over the appointment of legal guardians or custodians to manage the proceeds on their behalf.
  9. Delayed Notification:

    • Beneficiary disputes can occur if the beneficiaries fail to promptly notify the insurance company of the insured’s death, potentially affecting the claims process and eligibility.
  10. Legal Challenges:

    • Disputes may escalate to legal challenges if beneficiaries believe they have been wrongfully excluded from or included in the designation. These challenges may involve court proceedings to resolve beneficiary disputes.
  11. Claims of Undue Influence or Coercion:

    • Allegations of undue influence or coercion in changing beneficiary designations can lead to disputes among potential beneficiaries, especially if there is evidence to support such claims.
  12. Missing or Outdated Beneficiary Designations:

    • In cases where the policy lacks a designated beneficiary or the beneficiary designation is outdated or invalid, disputes can arise regarding who should be entitled to the proceeds.
  13. Disputed Estate Plans:

    • Beneficiary disputes can also be influenced by the insured’s estate plan, will, or other legal documents that conflict with the beneficiary designations on the policy.


Resolving beneficiary disputes often requires a careful review of the policy’s terms, beneficiary designations, applicable laws, and any available evidence related to the insured’s intent. Legal assistance may be necessary to mediate or litigate such disputes and determine the rightful beneficiary or beneficiaries.

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