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A dangerous activity exclusion is a provision commonly found in life insurance policies that limits coverage or excludes benefits if the insured person dies while participating in certain high-risk or hazardous activities. These exclusions are designed to protect the insurance company from covering risks that are substantially higher than the average policyholder’s. The specific dangerous activities that can be excluded may vary from one insurance policy to another, but some common examples of activities that are often subject to dangerous activity exclusions include:

Extreme Sports: Participation in extreme sports or adventure activities like skydiving, base jumping, rock climbing, or bungee jumping is frequently excluded. These activities involve a significant risk of injury or death.

Racing: Engaging in professional or organized amateur racing, such as auto racing, motorcycle racing, or boat racing, can lead to a dangerous activity exclusion. The high-speed nature of these sports poses inherent risks.

Aviation: Flying an aircraft, especially in non-commercial or non-recreational capacities, like private or experimental aviation, can result in a dangerous activity exclusion. The operation of certain types of aircraft, such as ultralights, may also trigger this exclusion.

Scuba Diving: Some life insurance policies exclude coverage for deaths that occur while scuba diving beyond certain depths or without proper certification. Diving in caves or wrecks might also be excluded.

War or Military Service: Death during military service in an active war zone or due to acts of war or terrorism may be excluded. Some policies may offer optional riders for coverage during such situations.

Criminal Activity: If the insured person dies while engaged in criminal activities or while incarcerated, the policy may have a dangerous activity exclusion.

Hazardous Occupations: Some policies may exclude coverage if the insured person is employed in particularly hazardous occupations, such as high-rise construction work, underwater welding, or bomb disposal.

Drug or Alcohol Abuse: Deaths resulting from drug or alcohol abuse, including overdose or accidents related to substance abuse, may be excluded.

It’s important to note that the specific wording and application of dangerous activity exclusions can vary among insurance policies and providers. These exclusions are typically listed in the policy contract, and policyholders should carefully review the terms and conditions to understand what activities may be excluded.

Here’s an example case involving a dangerous activity exclusion:


Greta, a 30-year-old woman, purchased a life insurance policy with a $1 million death benefit from Protective Life Insurance Company.

Greta was an experienced rock climber and enjoyed participating in extreme sports in her free time.

She died tragically while attempting a challenging rock climbing route.

Greta’s wife filed a life insurance claim with ABC Life Insurance Company to receive the $1 million death benefit.

Denial of Claim:

The insurance company investigated the circumstances of the death and determined that she had died while engaging in a dangerous activity—rock climbing. This activity was excluded in her policy due to the dangerous activity exclusion clause.

Colorado Life Insurance Lawyer Fights Denial:

As a result of the dangerous activity exclusion, a life insurance lawyer from our firm wrote a 50-page legal brief and submitted it to their firm and won as usual.

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